The Brahe Mask Method

Benjamin is a practitioner and teacher of the Brahe Mask Method. Heavily influenced by Mikhael Chekhov the Brahe Mask Method utilizes tools such as psychological gesture, dance, clown nose, atmosphere, and improvised mask  exploration to expand and explore the actor's psyche. The masks we work with are considered sacred and are each hand carved by a Balinese Priest in Mas, Bali. This highly physical and personal work gives the actor multiple opportunities to confront, and without judgement, explore aspects of their own humanity. The benefit of this work is the ability to explore, not just characters outside of themselves, but an arsenal of archetypes, behaviors, sounds, movements, and a rich well of emotions that are specifically and completely unique to you, the actor.  This non performance driven exploratory work is tremendous for healing, expansion, working through blocks, and keeping the physical and emotional instrument sharp and present.

While pursuing my B.F.A. at SUNY Purchase I originally studied and fell in love with this method through my professor Akil Davis.                I was struggling to relate to Strassberg's technique in acting class. Learning from Akil and experiencing the mask work opened up so many avenues of personal exploration and growth for me. It completely shifted my understanding of myself as an artist and how I would approach life's challenges. Eventually I ended up studying in Bali directly under the originator of the work, Per Brahe, where I was given his blessing to begin my own adventure of teaching and sharing this fabulous methodology.

Per runs an incredible and life changing intensive each summer in Bali, Indonesia that I would highly recommend to anyone whose interested in this work and personal growth to attend.

If you would like to know more or are interested in participating in a workshop or studying in Bali please reach out on my "Contact Me" page!